BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, long time coming

Shouldn’t we just buy a ship and go be pirates in the Caribbean?

Usually, that’s just a romantic day dream, with a hundred points of impossibility and realism stopping it. But at the moment, one major point is a little less impossible. The rebuilt-from-scratch Swedish Eastindiaman Götheborg is for sale.

Gotheborg_1What’s extra fantastic in context is: my (half mine) first finished novel (not yet published, b/c we need to finish it again) was a co-op with my future publisher, Anna Vintersvärdand one of the major goals of our hoard of main characters was: to get their hands on the Eastindiaman Götheborg, in order to sail off to be pirates in the Caribbean. For the betterment of humankind, of course. (That’s how old the book is. Götheborg was launched in 2003, and our characters had planned to hijack it at that point.)

Now that dream has the possibility of becoming true. That might be a call-out for that old novel script to come back to life, with the characters receiving this new piece of news. Or it might be when me and Anna just rob a bank, steal a ship and become pirates for real as we were always meant to be. Time will tell. (If someone suddenly does steal the ship, it wasn’t us. We have an alibi. And you didn’t read that here.)


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There will be more, but not tomorrow

The BEST  thing is talking to people who liked my book and having more good things to tell them. A little bit less great is telling them they have to wait.

One person: ”Pirates are brilliant, but, you know, fashionwise musketeers are just that little bit better.” Me: ”There’s already a musketeer in the sequel.”
Another person: *a discussion about, let’s say, vanilla* Me: ”There’s already a lasso scene in the sequel.”
There is a stand-alone sequel to The Incorrigible slowly being written. But my onshore /landlubber work of building an entire new spaceship claims most of my time at the moment. But: I am not doing nothing.
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The pirates are coming

It is still my hope, of course, that I will begin a new trend of people writing queer pirate smut fantasy – and now it seems, at the very least, that there is more pirate fantasy coming! Some new and soon upcoming releases:

four pirates

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster (the captain on the cover is not on the side of the pirates, but I can’t wait to read about her); Winterwood by Jacey Bedford (the captain on the cover is not technically a pirate either – because she’s  a privateer! and a witch!); The Guns of Ivrea by Clifford Beal (now, that fellow is a pirate, even a ”pirate princeling” at that!); Pieces of Hate by Tim Lebbon (a reissue? of a tiny-issue novella from 2005, published with a bonus Western story: the best of two worlds!).

bootyAdd to that this new boardgame: Booty, where the goal seems to be to divide the loot so that the whole crew ends up happy (but so that you as a player ends up happiest, of course). It even has treasure maps and beautiful loot cards.

And, of course, season 3 of Black Sails has recently begun and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming in 2017, and whether that has prompted all these new pirates or pirates are simply here to stay, I’m pleased either way.

(But ummm, according to IMDb, someone’s working on a Captain Blood remake … Why??? That film is perfect as is. And whatever happened to that Ching Shih tv series with Maggie Q, anyway???)

ETA: please don’t forget ”And a bottle of rum” by Anna Gable Frimodig. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish, but who knows, maybe I’ll get it translated later on. About the navy guy with an unusual gift for sailing who turns out to be the son of The Flying Dutchman. Unwillingly our hero falls in love with a pirate’s sister and when the Jacobite rising goes wrong, he has to turn pirate himself. But an even worse battle than the one against the law, and the foul trade he has dicovered in the Caribbean, awaits him when he has to face his own father.


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”Writing what you know”

Two nice and complementary quotes on the cliché of ”writing what you know”:

”Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.” / Joe Haldeman

”As for ‘Write what you know,’ I was regularly told this as a beginner. I think it’s a very good rule and have always obeyed it. I write about imaginary countries, alien societies on other planets, dragons, wizards, the Napa Valley in 22002. I know these things. I know them better than anybody else possibly could, so it’s my duty to testify about them.” / Ursula K Le Guin

(As to the second quote, of course, if you find yourself wanting to assume anything about me based on what I write, assume that I know how to turn into a mermaid, that I can coax wind sprites into the sails and that I roast the hearts of my enemies over a slow fire.)

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Lollipop lollipop, Jolly Roger i topp!

Ibland säger jag jargongmässigt att The Incorrigible är på engelska för att det inte går att prata piratiska på svenska, med kapten Efraim Långstrump som enda undantag. Det undantaget är naturligtvis fel! Idag minns och saknar och sörjer vi Lennart Hellsing – ett av mina första möten med poesin och ordvitsarna, och, med Sjörövarbok (edit: Sjörövarfilmen!), ett av mina första möten med pirater.

sjörövarbokVi har bordat en brigg!
Skepp ohoj! Fylld med rom!
Vi har kapat en bark
som med guldtackor kom!
Galeaser har vi äntrat
en spanjor från Timtico
vi har legat sen och släntrat
över sjön i godan ro.
Lollipop lollipop
Jolly Roger i topp!
Kapten Gast tog en rast
och låg alla till last.

Kapten Hååv låg och sov.
Skepp ohoj! Å blås ut!
Kapten Stygg låg på rygg
med en flaska på lut.
Kapten Mankar låg för ankar
Kapten Sill låg nästan still.
Kapten Träfot låg för fäfot
Kapten Trä han låg i lä!
Lollipop lollipop
Jolly Roger i topp!
Kapten Zuhr låg på lur
för att bida sin tur.

sjörövarbok 3

sjörövarbok 2

Kanske var det här det började? Läser om, och Hellsings pirater visar sig ha ganska många paralleller med The Incorrigible. Ekar rentav nästan synopsis, om en kisar lite i den karibiska solen 😀 (Det var undermedvetet, men jag är extra glad nu att upptäcka det.)

sjörövarbok 4

Jolly Roger i topp, kapten Hellsing!  *bugar*

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Who was Harriet Dumont?

Back when Harriet was a secret pseudonym, she needed a birthday to create a Facebook account, and I chose today, November 9, because that is the date (in 2008) I started the first draft of the first version of The Incorrigible. Working title at the time: ”The Bodice-Ripper”. So, happy birthday, book, and happy birthday, Harriet!

Harriet also acquired a personality over time, for the purposes of interviews and inspiration for her stand-ins, and because it’s fun. And so, here are some things you might not know about Ms. Dumont:

Her parents were globetrotters and rarely lived more than a few years in one place; the habit stayed with Harriet and she still travels a lot, and speaks far more languages than I. She now has a home where she can see herself living for many years to come – a stone cottage in a picturesque small town in Skåne, possibly Ystad. It has hollyhocks along the front and Harriet shares it with two cats, called Djuna and Anaïs.

Yeah, a lot like this.

Yeah, a lot like this.

However, Harriet has a number of lovers all over the world, and goes to stay with them for longer or shorter periods of time. She also travels for work – said work being freelancing in almost anything that has to do with books or text. I wouldn’t be surprised if she writes travel guides, probably with a literary focus. One of her degrees is in library science. (Don’t worry, Djuna and Anaïs do not lack for humans to see to their needs.)

give me books

The freelance work is of course done very professionally, but when it comes to fiction writing, Harriet has found the perfect method: reclining on the divan wearing floofy slippers, eating chocolates and drinking rum or champagne (”write drunk, edit sober”), and dictating. Either to a dictaphone, or, in a few cases, to her lovers. The latter gives the added benefit of being able to act out scenes, to determine whether they are actually physically possible.

Très floofy

Très floofy

Little as I care about shoes, I am quite tempted to get a pair of floofy slippers myself, just because. I’m also sorely tempted to get a Harriet tattoo. As soon as I figure out exactly what that should be.

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Book fair at the library!

Malmö City Library is getting LGBTQ certified, and have been celebrating this all week – culminating today with a book and comics fair, and me and my pirates were there!

It was a really wonderful day, a wide range of publishers and authors were there with their books and comics, and many got up on the stage to talk about their work and their side of the story.

I gave a talk similar to the blog post Why write pansexual, polyerotic pirate smut fantasy?; most of the art in the slideshow can be found on my tumblr, more about matelotage (gay pirate marriage) can be found here, and I made special mention of pirate queen Ching Shih, The Dragon Lady – as one must when discussing pirate history – and anyone curious about her can find links to more info in my blog post about herAnd I was interviewed by Skånska Dagbladet and by Malmö Gay Radio, which airs on Wednesdays. It was just a great day.

på stadsbiblan

Note to new fans and people curious about pirate smut: since it’s a pseudonym, Harriet Dumont’s Facebook page is the official author page, and everyone who’s interested is very welcome to follow or befriend Harriet.

Now … bring me that horizon. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

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