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Why pirates?

Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and while a lot of people took the opportunity to let their inner pirate hoist the colours and buckle some swash, there was also ridicule on the twitter hashtag against people who think … Läs mer

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BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, long time coming

Shouldn’t we just buy a ship and go be pirates in the Caribbean? Usually, that’s just a romantic day dream, with a hundred points of impossibility and realism stopping it. But at the moment, one major point is a little … Läs mer

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The pirates are coming

It is still my hope, of course, that I will begin a new trend of people writing queer pirate smut fantasy – and now it seems, at the very least, that there is more pirate fantasy coming! Some new and soon … Läs mer

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You Can Actually Become a Certified Pirate at MIT

I am ever a little staggered when people ask me ”Why pirates?” so it’s always nice everytime it’s proven that I’m really, really not the only one. Operating under the assumption that traditional pirates actually possessed some measure of physical … Läs mer

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Why write pansexual, polyerotic pirate smut fantasy?

During Malmö pride festival Regnbågsfestivalen, The Incorrigible had the great honour of being featured in the programme, with the talk ”Why write pansexual, polyerotic pirate smut fantasy?” Since I was away at sea, the amazing Karin Tidbeck, ruler of Swedish Weird, wore … Läs mer

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Pirate soundtrack

I was asked for suitable music to listen to while reading pirate smut, and I’m happy to oblige with some suggestions: Edit May 18: have made a proper playlist on YouTube. (I recommend playing on shuffle/random, since the options for fixing … Läs mer

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Pirates who’ve inspired me, part 4: PIratica

Artemisia Fitz-Willoughby Weatherhouse has been a student at the Angels Academy for Young Maidens for six years, since she was ten. She has no memory of her life before that time, nor of her parents. Then one night she hits her head, … Läs mer

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