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Being Harriet in Barcelona

As I’ve mentioned before, ”Harriet” and I have very different personalities. For one thing, Harriet is a cosmopolitan globetrotter, whereas I prefer to travel in my armchair. But when I was in Barcelona for Eurocon, I took some time to … Läs mer

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Picked them up from the printer’s yesterday.

I ordered fancy new business cards to be ready for Swecon: Fantastika 2016 next weekend! Book cover artwork is by the amazing Myra Sjöberg ❤ Extra funny: since moo.com allows you to choose several different designs for your cards, you … Läs mer

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Who was Harriet Dumont?

Back when Harriet was a secret pseudonym, she needed a birthday to create a Facebook account, and I chose today, November 9, because that is the date (in 2008) I started the first draft of the first version of The … Läs mer

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Book fair at the library!

Malmö City Library is getting LGBTQ certified, and have been celebrating this all week – culminating today with a book and comics fair, and me and my pirates were there! It was a really wonderful day, a wide range of … Läs mer

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Harriet Dumont, c’est moi

(English follows.) Idag kommer jag ut ur pseudonym-garderoben. Jag heter Karin Waller, och jag har skrivit piratsnuskfantasy-romanen The Incorrigible, utgiven under namnet Harriet Dumont på Andra Världar förlag! Så varför gav jag ut den under pseudonym?

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My fanfic policy

There has always been fanfiction, that’s what literature is if you want to be poststructuralist about it, but with these here internets there’s ever so much more of it, so many more variations of the spectrum, and within easier reach, than … Läs mer

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An interview with the author!

Double-posting this from my publishers’ site 🙂 We are very happy and proud to have the privilege of being your publishers, Ms Dumont! Please, do tell us a little bit about yourself! Thank you, I am very happy and proud to … Läs mer

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