The Incorrigible Harriet Dumont

My Worldcon schedule!


In just a few short weeks I’ll be setting sail for Helsinki (well, I’ll fly, but I wish I was sailing) and Worldcon 75! So far I’ll be on two panels (programme details are preliminary), one very me and one very nervous but for all the right and important reasons:

Wednesday, August 9, 21.00: Queer pirate smut fantasy !

The panelists discuss queer smut fantasy, its appeal to the readers and writers as well as how to add more pirates to it!

Saturday, August 12, 13.00: Feminist and Queer Readings of Fantasy Tropes – with me as moderator!

How do we read fantasy literature in terms of class, sexuality, disability and gender politics?

The programme over all looks entirely amazing and I’m going to need half a dozen time-turners to visit every item I want. Can you use several time-turners at once? I can’t use the TARDIS because I’d cross my own timeline – perhaps a DeLorean?