What do my heroes smell like?

Nope, not just sea water and rum. Tumblr stumbled me onto this generator bot: What does your romance hero smell like, and it’s accurate to the point where I’m sure it’s read my book. I hope you enjoyed it, generator bot, and that it made you want to be a pirate!

My lovely, sweet, happy Jean smells like ”peaches and literature”. Captain Crow smells like ”boots and control”.

Lucy Fire smells like ”goose down and thunder”. Mister Rotten smells like ”whisky and the desert”. Misha smells like ”peppercorns and authority”. Naughty Nathalee smells like ”boulders and efficiency”. Mister Herod smells like ”wolves and tension”. White Betty smells like ”cinnamon and damage”. Philippe Kingfisher smells like ”knives and Paris”. I am here for all of this.

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