BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER, long time coming

Shouldn’t we just buy a ship and go be pirates in the Caribbean?

Usually, that’s just a romantic day dream, with a hundred points of impossibility and realism stopping it. But at the moment, one major point is a little less impossible. The rebuilt-from-scratch Swedish Eastindiaman Götheborg is for sale.

Gotheborg_1What’s extra fantastic in context is: my (half mine) first finished novel (not yet published, b/c we need to finish it again) was a co-op with my future publisher, Anna Vintersvärdand one of the major goals of our hoard of main characters was: to get their hands on the Eastindiaman Götheborg, in order to sail off to be pirates in the Caribbean. For the betterment of humankind, of course. (That’s how old the book is. Götheborg was launched in 2003, and our characters had planned to hijack it at that point.)

Now that dream has the possibility of becoming true. That might be a call-out for that old novel script to come back to life, with the characters receiving this new piece of news. Or it might be when me and Anna just rob a bank, steal a ship and become pirates for real as we were always meant to be. Time will tell. (If someone suddenly does steal the ship, it wasn’t us. We have an alibi. And you didn’t read that here.)


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