The Incorrigible Harriet Dumont

The pirates are coming


It is still my hope, of course, that I will begin a new trend of people writing queer pirate smut fantasy – and now it seems, at the very least, that there is more pirate fantasy coming! Some new and soon upcoming releases:

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster (the captain on the cover is not on the side of the pirates, but I can’t wait to read about her); Winterwood by Jacey Bedford (the captain on the cover is not technically a pirate either – because she’s  a privateer! and a witch!); The Guns of Ivrea by Clifford Beal (now, that fellow is a pirate, even a ”pirate princeling” at that!); Pieces of Hate by Tim Lebbon (a reissue? of a tiny-issue novella from 2005, published with a bonus Western story: the best of two worlds!).

Add to that this new boardgame: Booty, where the goal seems to be to divide the loot so that the whole crew ends up happy (but so that you as a player ends up happiest, of course). It even has treasure maps and beautiful loot cards.

And, of course, season 3 of Black Sails has recently begun and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming in 2017, and whether that has prompted all these new pirates or pirates are simply here to stay, I’m pleased either way.

(But ummm, according to IMDb, someone’s working on a Captain Blood remake … Why??? That film is perfect as is. And whatever happened to that Ching Shih tv series with Maggie Q, anyway???)

ETA: please don’t forget ”And a bottle of rum” by Anna Gable Frimodig. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish, but who knows, maybe I’ll get it translated later on. About the navy guy with an unusual gift for sailing who turns out to be the son of The Flying Dutchman. Unwillingly our hero falls in love with a pirate’s sister and when the Jacobite rising goes wrong, he has to turn pirate himself. But an even worse battle than the one against the law, and the foul trade he has dicovered in the Caribbean, awaits him when he has to face his own father.