Talk Like A Pirate Week, day 3: Meet some of the Incorrigible scoundrels

Today’s excerpt from The Incorrigible for Talk Like A Pirate Week comes from Chapter Four.

liten jolly roger

They walked on and the new recruit was introduced to all of the crew who were awake. She realised that Horned Peter was called thus on account of having twelve fingers instead of ten, and she heard the tales of Dead Eddie’s execution, the churches Pope Susie had raided and burned, the time Archibald Albatross wrestled the albatross dragon that gave him his name, and the time Annie Angel swam from Santa Ana to Île Brisé. They watched One-Eye Joss coax wind sprites into the sails while explaining that it was a worthwhile investment to do so on days like this, when the weather was lovely and the large wind steady, to give the sprites some time to play and keep them in a good mood. Doc Mahoney took one look at the new recruit’s wound and growled “Arrr, try harder next time” before wandering off, muttering to himself. They came across a ginger cat lying in the sun on the deck, and Nellie assumed it was the ship’s cat until Señor Lao muttered in his ear:

“If ye should need to, address her as Madre, that’s what we do. But only if she come up to ye first. Never disturb her sunnin’, an’ don’t approach her ‘less she approach you.”

The new recruit had to double-check if there was a pirate nearby he might be speaking of, but no, he was speaking of the cat. They passed her and Lao lowered his voice even more:

“She be Lucy Fire’s familiar. Be as polite to her as ye’d be to a demon.”

“I ” She didn’t dare turn round and look. “I’ve never met a demon.”

“Very, very polite,” the pirate spelled out.

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