You Can Actually Become a Certified Pirate at MIT

I am ever a little staggered when people ask me ”Why pirates?” so it’s always nice everytime it’s proven that I’m really, really not the only one.

Operating under the assumption that traditional pirates actually possessed some measure of physical and mental prowess, MIT’s Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) has a pirate program that helps its students fulfill general physical education requirements. (…) And as it turns out, archery, sailing, fencing, pistolry (and riflery) all require a level of concentration and skill that appeals to science and engineering students, so there’s a mutual interest that keeps the pirate program going.

My conclusion from this article: not only can you become a certified pirate at MIT, you can practically become a certified dap(p)er pirate at MIT! Arrr.hook coat

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