Dream casting

The old ”If you had free reins, who would play your characters in the movie?” question! I don’t have a list for the whole cast, two thirds or more of the crew of the Incorrigible are missing – please feel free to add your own suggestions! 🙂

I’ll put it under a cut, for those who’d rather make their own images while reading. Note also: I didn’t have these people in mind while reading! The whole list is imagined after the book was finished.

(My editor/publisher has her own cast list: Captain Crow=me. All the other pirates=Captain Jack Sparrow. Also OK!!!)

as Annie Angel: Charlize Theron

(bonus: Charlize Theron on how to walk like a queen)

as Second Mate Mister Herod: Henry Simmons

as The Dragon Rose: Ming-Na Wen

as Captain Jeremias Annick: Errol Flynn circa Against All Flags

as Philippe Kingfisher: Tom Hiddleston

as Lucy Fire: Jada Pinkett Smith (circa Tales from the Crypt or circa now!)

as Captain Dolores Concha: Gina Torres

as Archibald Albatross: Tom Hardy (my newest crush, I need to have him onboard, OK?)

Bonus: Tom Hardy’s tattoos. (My new headcanon is therefore that Archibald Albatross is quite tattooed under his white shirt and frayed red uniform jacket.)

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