Pirate soundtrack

I was asked for suitable music to listen to while reading pirate smut, and I’m happy to oblige with some suggestions:

Edit May 18: have made a proper playlist on YouTube. (I recommend playing on shuffle/random, since the options for fixing the order seem limited.)

Nina Simone: Pirate Jenny.

Interesting related videos on Youtube: Marianne Faithfull, Amanda Palmer and Nick Cave Warren Ellis & Shilpa Ray also singing Pirate Jenny.

Abney Park: Airship Pirate.

The entire albums Rogue’s Gallery and Son of Rogue’s Gallery (or your own selection thereof, of course); mostly most of the albums are findable on Youtube, Son of… is also on Spotify.

Sex Pistols: Good Ship Venus (Friggin’ in the Riggin’).

The soundtracks to Pirates of the Caribbean and Black Sails. (Footnote: unlike in Black Sails, my smut is all consensual, and a hell of a lot sexier for it.)

Pirate King from Pirates of Penzance.

Judy Garland: Mack the Black and Gene Kelly’s pirate ballet, from The Pirate (1948).

And some more …

Also relevant: Donald Where’s Your Troosers.

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