An interview with the author!

Double-posting this from my publishers’ site 🙂

We are very happy and proud to have the privilege of being your publishers, Ms Dumont! Please, do tell us a little bit about yourself!

Thank you, I am very happy and proud to be published by Andra Världar!
A little bit about myself: Wind collector and cauldron stirrer, scholar of tomes and wearer of hats, dancer, traveller, happy when not angry, and generally queer. Also, author of pirate erotica, or to be more specific, pansexual polyerotic fantasy pirate erotica.

*Where are you from and what do you know about Sweden?

I’ve never lived longer than a few years in one place; I’ve inherited my own restlessness from my parents. I’ve been in Sweden several times and I’ve met open-minded and welcoming people and seen truly amazing nature sceneries.

*How do you spend your time when not writing?

Most of my other jobs are related to writing as well (under other pen names). Translating, copy writing, other kinds of text production or manipulation. Other than that, I travel a lot – I like the variation. Usually not to large cities, I prefer smaller towns and beautiful and original landscapes. That I love to read presumably goes without saying.

*Authors tend to have at least one manuscript they are too embarrassed to even think about, written long before they had anything published; which was the first story you ever wrote?

I’ve written stories since I learned how to write, and before that I told them. But one of the first projects I spent more than a day or two on was a story set about half a century into the future, when everything had been fixed. Naturally because I had figured everything out and wanted to tell people how easy it could be to make the world a better place.

*Would you like to spend a day in your book, and if so, how would you spend it?

Abso-fucking-lutely. I’d flirt with all my pirates, stand at the prow as we sailed across the ocean, ask them to teach me to fence, taste Cook’s amazing food, watch them use their magic skills with everything from mirages and wind sprites to sorcery, and then when the fey stars came out dancing, I have a long list of which of them I’d try to get into bed.

*What do you see when you close your eyes?

A busily cluttered writing desk by a window open onto a lush, green landscape.

*If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A flying cat.

*If you could have magical powers, what would they be?

Is it cheating to say I’d like to be a witch? That way I’d be able to learn how to do most anything magical – but I would have to *learn* how to do it.

*Chinese food or Italian?

Italian when I cook it myself, Chinese in a restaurant.

*Train or bus?

Trains; they’re calmer and better for reading and writing.

*Trick or treat?

How about both? Both is good.

Thank you very much!

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