Kissing and swooning

For obvious reasons, I’m thinking a lot about the book cover of my dreams at the moment … While searching for pictures to inspire, I thought, Why don’t I just google ”classic pirate movie posters”? There should be some dramatic sailing ships in there, a lot of buckling of the swash … Or, you know, just a lot of kissing and swooning in someone’s arms.

movie poster the piratmovie poster against all flagsmovie poster black swanmovie poster corsairmovie poster black pirateVery fancy earring, Douglas!
movie poster the pirate movieI do not know what is going on here.

Basically it seems that pirate fantasy smut has been a long time coming.

And then, of course, there are these ones:

movie poster  against all flags movie poster  anne of the indies
which are also quite, quite relevant 🙂

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